If privacy is outlawed, only outlaws will have privacy – or why we nearly lost the war but still have to fight

“Crypto is one technology that enhances our privacy, … Most technology advances are windfalls for law enforcement, but here’s one that helped the rest of the people.”

Philip Zimmermann


Yes we nearly lost the war. Or maybe we lost it already . But if we stop fighting even this current postdemocratic status will be distroyed and we have a situation that will make it impossible to stop a dictatorship. And if we don’t do this the next generation will ask the same questions like the people after the second world war – why you did nothing?

This blog will be about technical, ethical and political stuff that may help to understand the current postdemocratic, natural, ethical disaster status and help to survive.

See it as a knowledgebase. See it as a warning. And hope we will survive.

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